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Review of Rescue 1122 Preparations for Ashura Processions

During a video conference with District Emergency Officers and senior rescue officers at Emergency Services Headquarters, Dr. Rizwan also assessed the monitoring and quick response mechanisms of all district control rooms and the Emergency Operation Center, Punjab, established in Rescue Headquarters, Lahore.

He instructed all DEOs to restrict rescuer leaves and enforce Code Red on the 9th and 10th of Muharram to ensure comprehensive emergency coverage. He mentioned that the Disaster Response Force (DRF) stationed at the Emergency Services Academy would be dispatched for backup support in case of any major emergency.

Dr. Rizwan urged all DEOs to review preparedness checklists, hold continuous District Emergency Board meetings with key religious community representatives, ensure the training of scouts and volunteers, and timely map all processions and mass gatherings.

Earlier, the Provincial Monitoring Officer (PMO) briefed the Secretary on the duties of rescuers in all districts. According to emergency plans, over 12,000 rescuers will be deployed during Muharram to provide rescue and medical coverage to 1,029 processions/events at 1,029 key points. These points will include 1,352 Motorbike Rescue Service units, 580 emergency ambulances, 168 fire vehicles, and 35 rescue vehicles throughout all districts of Punjab. Additionally, 1,029 specialized rescue teams will be stationed at major procession venues to provide emergency coverage during Muharram.

Furthermore, 285 ambulances, 832 motorcycles, and 48 rescue vehicles will be available at various rescue stations across the province. Dr. Rizwan also received a briefing on the Rescue Service deployment plan for Lahore, which includes strategically positioning 381 rescuers with 34 ambulances and 148 motorbikes, in addition to routine rescue operations.

Special rescue teams will be stationed at Karbala Gamay Shah, Imamia Colony, Nissar Haveli, and other sensitive areas of Lahore. Additional rescue teams will remain on standby to respond to any untoward incidents. According to the plan, all mobile posts and ambulances with medical kits will move along with the processions to provide immediate medical treatment to mourners.

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