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Gal Costa, aged 77, passes away; vocalist epitomized the pioneering essence of Tropicália.

With her elegant, adaptable vocals and knack for unforgettable melodies, she maintained a career spanning five decades, shaping the landscape of Brazilian pop music.

Gal Costa, renowned as one of Brazil’s most illustrious vocalists and an inspiration for generations of Brazilian artists, passed away on Wednesday at her residence in São Paulo. She was 77.

Her demise was confirmed through her social media channels, though no specific cause was mentioned.

Ms. Costa possessed a resplendent mezzo-soprano voice, celebrated for its elegance and vitality, capable of navigating through delicate intricacies, playful banter, agile jazz-infused melodies, and intense rock renditions. Throughout a career spanning over five decades and marked by the release of over three dozen albums, she fervently supported innovative Brazilian songwriters, blending Brazilian regional styles with global pop and rock influences.

During the 1960s, Ms. Costa emerged as a leading figure in tropicália, a movement that introduced psychedelic experimentation and rebellious defiance into Brazilian popular music. When the movement’s prominent figures, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, were exiled due to Brazil’s dictatorship from 1969 to 1972, Ms. Costa recorded their compositions for Brazilian audiences.

Reflecting on her actions, she remarked to The New York Times in 1985, “It wasn’t about bravery. I was part of that movement, and they were my companions.”

In 1985, during her inaugural performances in the United States with a pair of concerts at Carnegie Hall, Ms. Costa expressed to The Times her lack of intention to conquer the American market, stating, “I am not planning to conquer the United States market; I am a Brazilian singer, and I am kind of lazy about leaving Brazil.”

Throughout her career, she eschewed adherence to a singular style. Across the decades, her repertoire encompassed upbeat carnival-infused tunes, hard rock, crystalline acoustic ballads, Afro-Brazilian funk, and orchestral pop. Her 2018 album, “A Pele do Futuro” (“The Skin of the Future”), delved into disco and featured a collaboration with Marília Mendonça, a sertanejo star—Brazil’s equivalent of country music—who tragically passed away at the age of 26 in a plane crash the previous year.

Ms. Costa’s latest album, “Nenhuma Dor” (“No Pain”), released in 2021, consists of duets recorded during the pandemic, revisiting old songs with collaborators including Seu Jorge, Rodrigo Amarante, and Jorge Drexler.

“I’m a singer who likes to dare, to change, to create new paths,” Ms. Costa stated in a 2022 interview with a Brazilian newspaper.

She is survived by her son, Gabriel.

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